Agmark Registration is available for following products:

Hides, skins, Goat Hair, Animal Casings, Bristles, Wool, Raw meat (chilled and frozen), Handpicked selected groundnuts, Cashew Kernels, Ambadi seeds, Rape and mustard seeds, Taramira seeds, Groundnuts, Walnuts, Vegetable oil cakes, Ghee, Vanaspati Creamery butter, Essential oils, Vegetable oils, Tobacco, Bura, Sugarcane, Gur (Jaggery), Lac, Arecanuts, Myrobalans, Tendu (Bidiwrapper Leaves), Senna Leaves and pods. Tapioca products (Animals feed) Table Eggs, Honey, Seed less Tarmarind, Daried Edible Mushrooms, Saffron, Sheekakai powder, Kangra Tea, Agar Agar, Papain, Rice, Wheat Atta, Puhes, Cercals, Besan (Gramflour), Basmati Rice (Export), Suji and Maida, Grapes, Apples, Alphonso Mangoes-Export, Plants, Alphonso Mangoes Homeconsumption, Canned, Bottled fruits and fruit products citrus, Table potatoes, William Pears, Kanchan (Bathua), Mangoes, Home consumption, Seed potatoes, Table potatoes Table potatoes (Export), Water chestnuts. Coconuts, Curry Powder, Chillies, Cardamom, Coriander, Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Chillies powder, Poppy seeds, Turmeric, Pennel, Fenugreek and Clery seeds Cumin seeds, Pepper, Ajowain Seeds, (Whole), Sannhemp, Palmyra Fibres, Cotton, Aloe Fibres, Jute.and other products.

Requirement for Application Proceedings

  • Copy of test report(s), duly authenticated, from independent FPO recognized laboratory.
  • Document authenticating enterprise of the firm, such as Registration by Company Registrar OR State Authority or Memorandum of Article in case Applicant Firm is a Limited Company OR Partnership Deed in case the applicant firm is under Partnership.

Following Document are Necessary for Agmark Certification

  • D.D. Of rs.1000 for Govt. Fee
  • Application Form
  • Affidavits
  • Offices / Factory Map
  • Partnerships / Memorandum of Company
  • Three Years S.t.,C.s.t.,Pan Number in the Name of Company
  • List of Machinery
  • Pollution Certificate for N.o.c. Certificate
  • Declaration of Fpo Grade Certificate By Mfg. Company
  • Agreements /order Copy for Providing Goods By Mfg. Company
  • Bank Reference for A / C Number Of company
  • Specimen Copy of Work Done
  • Export Licence No. with True Copy
  • Company Regstration Certificate
  • Trademark Registration No.
  • Sample of the product(in pouch of 500gm.1kg.
  • Total gross product in K.g.(for last year)
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