GOST-R Certificate (With the other words, it is called the Certificate of Conformity with Russian Federation norms) prevents a sale of exported goods at the Russian market. CE Making and most international quality standards are not recognised by Russian authorities and goods imported into (or exported to Russia) are liable to various Russian certification.

GOST-R is an inspection and certification scheme that is mandatory for a wide range of products that are imported or sold in the Russian market. This certification demonstrates compliance with basic safety requirements and the applicable product standards for a defined list of products. Even if your products have been tested in your own country Russian regulations require that they be tested to GOST-R standards.

In order to clear customs formalities, the manufacturer will need to present the GOST-R certificate (and other additional certificates, if needed) to the customs broker.

Certification to GOST-R is required for a wide range of goods:

  • Electrical and electronic products (Mandatory compliance)
  • Telecom equipment (Mandatory compliance)
  • Medical devices (Mandatory compliance)
  • Food Products (Mandatory compliance)
  • Machinery (Mandatory compliance)
  • Fire Safety Devices (Mandatory compliance)
  • Automotive (Mandatory compliance)
  • Cosmetics (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Furniture (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Household chemicals (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Consumer packaging materials (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Toys (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Pressurised equipment (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Personal protective equipment (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Construction products (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Agricultural machinery (Voluntary or self declaration)
  • Equipment used in explosive atmospheres (Voluntary or self declaration)

The Certificate is obligatory only for a definite group of products. The export of these products is impossible without the GOST-R Certificate.

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